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Welcome to Your Family Dentist

At Your Friendly Family Dentist We prioritize hard work, honesty, and achieving perfection in every smile we create.

Making dental care accessible: We understand that cost can be a concern. That’s why we offer numerous flexible payment plans, including options for payment through superannuation.

Your comfort is our priority: We offer on-site IV sedation and conscious sedation for patients who may experience anxiety during dental procedures.

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Same-Day Dental Crowns for $1000 (Limited Time Offer)!

Looking to restore a chipped, cracked, or damaged tooth quickly and conveniently? We offer same-day dental crowns at an unbeatable price!

Here’s why you should choose our same-day dental crown service:

  • Fast and Efficient: Get a beautiful, custom-made crown placed in just one appointment, eliminating the need for multiple visits.
  • Advanced Technology: Our clinic utilizes cutting-edge CEREC technology to create digital impressions and fabricate your crown on-site.
  • Natural Look and Feel: Our crowns for teeth are crafted from high-quality materials to perfectly match the color and shape of your surrounding teeth.
  • Improved Oral Health: dental crowns protect damaged teeth, preventing further complications and promoting good oral health.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Smile with confidence again, knowing your teeth look and function their best.

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What Are Dental Crowns

Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of a material like porcelain, placed on the top of a tooth.

Crowns are typically used to restore a tooth’s function and appearance following a restorative procedure such as a root canal. When decay in a tooth has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth must be removed, crowns are often used to restore the tooth.

Crowns are also used to attach bridges, cover implants, and prevent a cracked tooth from becoming worse, or an existing filling is in jeopardy of becoming loose or dislocated. Teeth caps also serve an aesthetic use and are applied when a discoloured or stained tooth needs to be restored to its natural appearance.


  • Restores Strength and Functionality: Crowns protect and strengthen damaged teeth, allowing you to chew comfortably and prevent further breakage.
  • Improved Appearance: Crowns can be custom-made to match the color and shape of your surrounding teeth for a natural look.
  • Preserve Tooth Structure: A crown covers and protects the remaining healthy tooth structure, preventing the need for extraction.
  • Versatility: Crowns can be used for various purposes, such as covering cracked or fractured teeth, supporting large fillings, or anchoring dental bridges.
  • Durability: Crowns, especially those made from porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or zirconia, can last for many years with proper care.


  • Cost: Dental crowns can be a significant investment compared to other dental procedures like fillings.
  • Procedure: Placing a crown typically requires multiple appointments, including tooth preparation, impression taking, and crown placement.
  • Irreversible Procedure: Placing a crown requires removing a significant amount of tooth enamel, which is irreversible.
  • Sensitivity: Following the procedure, you may experience temporary sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
  • Potential for Chipping: While durable, crowns, particularly porcelain crowns, can chip or break under excessive pressure.

Dental Crown Material

  • Metal: (Highly durable, but can be noticeable due to colour) 
    • Gold alloy
    • Palladium alloy
    • Base-metal alloy
  • Porcelain (offers a natural look):
    • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
    • All-porcelain
  • Zirconia (strong and natural-looking):
    • Zirconia crowns


A tooth must usually be reduced in size to accommodate a crown. An impression is made of the existing tooth and an impression is made. The impression is sent to a special lab, which manufactures a custom-designed crown. In some cases, a temporary crown is applied until the permanent crown is ready. Permanent crowns are cemented in place.

What Are Dental Bridges

Bridges are natural-looking dental appliances that can replace a section of missing teeth. Because they are custom-made, bridges are barely noticeable and can restore the natural contour of teeth as well as the proper bite relationship between upper and lower teeth.

Dental bridges are sometimes referred to as fixed partial dentures because they are semi-permanent and are bonded to existing teeth or implants. Some bridges are removable and can be cleaned by the wearer; others need to be removed by a dentist.

Porcelain, gold alloys or combinations of materials are usually used to make bridge appliances.

Appliances called implant bridges are attached to an area below the gum tissue, or the bone.


  • Natural Look and Feel: Bridges restore the appearance and functionality of your smile, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. The custom-made bridge closely resembles natural teeth.
  • Improved Speech: Missing teeth can impact speech clarity. Bridges restore proper bite and articulation, allowing you to speak clearly and effortlessly.
  • Prevents Shifting Teeth: Gaps left by missing teeth can cause surrounding teeth to shift out of place. Bridges prevent this movement, maintaining proper dental alignment.
  • Maintains Facial Structure: Missing teeth can lead to a sunken facial appearance. Bridges help maintain a natural facial structure by supporting the surrounding tissues.


  • Irreversible Procedure: Placing an oral bridge typically requires grinding down healthy teeth on either side of the gap to support the bridge. This is irreversible damage to healthy teeth.
  • Not Suitable for Everyone: You need healthy teeth on either side of the gap to support the bridge. Those with insufficient jawbone density or certain health conditions may not be good candidates.
  • Maintenance: Bridges require good oral hygiene practices, including flossing under the bridge, to maintain good dental health and prevent issues with the supporting teeth.
  • Potential for Future Issues: The teeth supporting the bridge may decay or become damaged over time, requiring further dental work.

Caring for your Crowns

With proper care, a good quality crown could last up to eight years or longer. It is very important to floss in the area of the crown to avoid excess plaque or collection of debris around the restoration.

Certain behaviors such as jaw clenching or bruxism (teeth grinding) significantly shorten the life of a crown. Moreover, eating brittle foods, ice or hard candy can compromise the adhesion of the crown, or even damage the crown.

If you have cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth, please contact us soon or schedule a consultation to see if crowns are the right solution for you. Allowing already damaged teeth to go untreated may cause further destruction to the surrounding teeth and bone.

Understanding complications of getting dental crowns and bridges

Some probable complications associated with getting dental crowns and bridges are:

  • Your teeth may face decay. 

  • You may feel pain in your teeth. 

  • Your gums may get irritated. 

  • Your teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold items. 

Most of these complications are rare. And even if they occur, they go away easily. This is your green signal for getting dental crowns and bridges

To get the finest dental crowns and bridges, we welcome you to Your Family Dentist.



Aussie Vinyl Guy - Wayne Sole
Aussie Vinyl Guy - Wayne Sole
My elderly friend got his false teeth here and he’s very happy. Helpful and friendly staff
Pooja Babaria
Pooja Babaria
One of the best clinic in Sydney. I have been visiting them from last few months. I have done veneers from your family dentist. Dr. Shaveta and dr. Nick are very supportive including all the staff members.
Amrish Rathod
Amrish Rathod
I have done my aligner from your family dentist. Very happy with the service. Thank you so much. Satisfied with the comfort you guys provide. 🦷
Ansh Sharma
Ansh Sharma
Outstanding dental clinic with professional staff, modern equipment, and a comfortable environment. Highly recommend for top-notch dental care!
Steve Power
Steve Power
Friendly staff and very professional. I travel 2.5 hours and I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t trust them. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs
Jasmine Ali
Jasmine Ali
Been with this dentist for quite some time now and have done my whole aligner journey with them! Great team, very helpful! Im looking forward to go back to them and get veneers done!
Chau Nguyen
Chau Nguyen
I recently had a wonderful experience with Dr. Napeha at Your Family Dentis. The staff was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Napeha was not only professional but also attentive to my needs, ensuring I felt comfortable throughout the entire visit. I am very satisfied with the excellent care I received and would highly recommend Dr. Napeha to anyone looking for a skilled and caring dentist.
Marcus Anthony
Marcus Anthony
I can't speak highly enough about Dr Shaveta and Dr Nick. They saved my back molar with root canal treatment when everybody else wanted to pull the tooth. Their staff, including Tracy, are so warm and welcoming. I have found a dentist for life! Absolutely wonderful dentists!



At Your Family Dentist, we’re committed to delivering healthy, happy smiles. Be it a regular check-up & clean or a life-changing smile makeover, we promise, your dental future is in safe hands.

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